Dead Eggs Kaihopu" Twin Pack 11.8'' Soft Baits

Currently the largest bait made by Dead Eggs, the Kaihopu is about getting those big slamming monster hits. It has a glide action when rigged with a worm hook, and a free sliding bullet weight that is close to alive. This design really exaggerates the action imparted from the angler to the rod to the bait. Walk the dog or jerk and pause, you really get some big movement action with this catcher.

The Kaihopu is designed to accept long shank jig heads and 10/0 and up EWG hooks such as the extra strong BKK Titan hook series that feature a locking spring and an elongated throat to allow a much longer point set. This also means a better hookup rate when fished weedless. The 11.8"/300mm Kaihopu should be fished with a 10/0 or 12/0.


Only 10 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • 11.8''/300mm
  • 2 Per Pack
  • New Zealand Made


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