Dead Eggs Soft Eggs 6mm

The new Dead Eggs soft eggs are made here in New Zealand, and are exclusive to the Fishermans Loft. These locally made soft eggs have been deadly down at the Mackenzie country hydro canals not only because of how natural they look, but because of their lifelike buoyancy. This will help these eggs float up above the bottom creating less drag and a more life like drift.


Only 45 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • Lifelike buoyancy
  • Natural appearance
  • 30 eggs per packet
  • 6mm

Lumo Colours: Hottest Pink, Glow Roe, Glow Flake, Peach Engagement.

UV Colours: Chartreuse Flake, Blazed Orange, Blue, Blood Orange, Motor Oil, Hottest Pink, Blue, Glow Flake, Peach Engagement.


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