Meet the Team

These are our awesome staff members! What sets us apart is that our passion for fishing is matched by our passion for customer service. We aim to provide the best possible tackle shopping experience and are known for going the extra mile.  We're always keen to talk about anything fishing and fish related, share our experiences and listen to yours. Come by and get to know us or check out our staff profiles below.

  • Mark Rodgers

    Mark is the owner of the Fishermans' Loft since the summer of 2019 after co-owning it for over 12 years. Besides running the shop, he is also a qualified casting instructor and has been fishing all his life. He is a passionate fly fisherman who loves chasing the trophy trout in the back country rivers and lakes. Mark also enjoys boat and land based sea fishing and taking his son for a fish.

  • Kieran Lee

    Kieran has been fascinated by fly tying and fly fishing from a very young age. He was buying flies with pocket money before he even knew what they were used for. When a relative gifted him a fly tying book, he started to study up on entomology and tie his own frauds of fur and feather. Curiosity turned into passion after joining the Canterbuy Fly Fishing Club. His learning accelerated with the help of experienced fly fishermen. One thing lead to another and now Kieran is working at the Fishermans' Loft giving back to the ones that took time to help him and sharing his knowledge with other keen anglers.

  • Scott Hunter

    Scott spent half his life fishing the Marlborough Sounds and caught his first snapper at the age of two. He is the loud guy in the shop and is our saltwater specialist. Whether it's with big stickbaits or big saltwater flies, his favourite species to target are kingfish. He ties big sparkly stuff and catches a lot of fish. Ask him anything about saltwater gear and big softbaits. He recently traded his hard-core hunting and fishing life for a wee hunting and fishing family.

  • Emilie Servais

    Emilie grew up in Belgium and started fly fishing a few years ago. She ties her own flies and prefers to fish small rivers. If she's not on the rivers fly fishing, she'll be around the ocean either spin fishing or spearfishing. Her go-to fly is the double tungsten Simon's Ugly. She's on a mission to catch as many species as she can on a Sabiki rig.

  • Jayden Rich

    Jayden works part-time at the Fishermans' Loft and his goal is to out-fish us all! He will be found surfcasting, spinfishing the Twizel canals, hiking up backcountry rivers chasing trout and recently added spearfishing to the list. Ask him anything about egg-rolling in winter. Dont let his young looks fool you, he is full of fishing wisdom.

  • Alex Burrowes

    Alex is our youngest team member, but already has over 10 years of fishing experience. He started fishing when he was five with his grandad. They went out for the first time on Lake Benmore and he was hooked ever since. - pun intended - Alex was born and raised in Christchurch, but has always been fascinated by the outdoors. Whenever he can he will be out exploring new waters and testing different ways to fish. He has built up a reputation down at the Twizel Canals for catching monsters. Softbaits, spinners, glow bugs or flies, he does not discriminate. Alex also ties flies, spearfishes and hunts. His favourite fish to target are trout, but his goal this year is to catch a Kingfish.

  • Diesel

    He's the Chief Greeting Officer at the Fishermans' Loft. Diesel loves fishing and hunting. He has an excellent sniffer and is a good doggo.