BKK TitanDiver Plus

The BKK Titan Diver+ is the ultimate swapping weight worm hook system.

The Diver+ inherits all the features of an ordinary Titan hook – Super Slide coating, needle point, spring and silicon stopper – enhanced with a simple, intuitive and effective lead-swapping system. The system offers many different combinations to add weight to your lure as the lead can slide on the shank, stimulating the creativity of anglers in adapting it to various fishing techniques and conditions.

The bottom eyelet on the weight allows for the addition of a blade to enhance the presentation of the lure.

The coating enhances the penetration ability of the hook by its extremely low friction capabilities.In practical testing it can penetrate fish’s mouth with a little bit of power.

BKK Hooks are produced from imported high carbon steel BKK-81WV to achieve a high level of strength and elasticity. Chemically sharpened to obtain sticky sharp points and electroplated with imported alloys, this represents the highest standard that only BKK achieve.

BKK has been manufacturing
cutting-edge fishing hooks since 1856.
Better, stronger, sharper.

2 pcs in package.


Only 20 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • Replaceable lead weight system
  • Spinning blade
  • Each packet comes with 2 different attachable weights


  • 8/0  - (8g & 12g weights)
  • 10/0 - (12g & 18g weights)
  • 12/0 - (12g & 18g weights)


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