Shimano Sephia XR C3000SHG Egi Spin Reel

The lightness you feel when fishing makes it easy and untiring. The elimination of unnecessary noise in the reel. The Shimano Sephia XR C3000SHG Egi Spinning Reel displays these elements beautifully. A lightweight and high-strength body moulded from Shimano's original material CI4+ reinforced with carbon fibre. The Micromodule Gear II provides you with buttery smoothness without compromising any durability on the gear system. Silent Drive suppresses minute vibrations and rattling to refine the smoothness Shimano reels are renowned for. The long stroke spool helps increase casting distances while the Rigid Support Drag helps with the spurts of jet-like speeds squids swim at. Experience this specialised eging reel for yourself!


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  • Hagane Gear
  • Micromodule Gear II
  • Silent Drive
  • Long Stroke Spool
  • X-Protect
  • MGL Rotor
  • Rigid Support Drag
  • X-Ship
  • AR-C Spool
  • One Piece Bail
  • CI4+
  • G-Free Body
  • S-ARB

Reel Specifications:

  • Retrieve per crank: 89cm
  • Bearing: 9/1
  • Gear ratio: 6
  • Drag power: 9kg
  • Weight: 175g
  • Line capacity PE: 0.6/200, 0.8/150, 1/120

Hagane Gear is at the very heart of the reel and creates strength and durability. The entire cold-forging process is calculated in minute detail by special 3D design and the result is precision durability.

Micro Module II
State-of-the-art, gear tooth surface design and MicroModule Gear II, are further advanced through Shimano's exclusive manufacturing technology. The surfaces of the drive gear and pinion gear have been analysed and updated from the ground up in pursuit of perfection.

Long Stroke Spool
The long stroke spool design improves casting performance when compared to the previous model due to the improved line flow from the spool.

Silent Drive
From the fundamental, whole body design to the most intricate parts of the drive train, including the drive gear, wormshaft, wormshaft pin and wormshaft gear, every piece has been carefully reviewed, and the smallest clearance gaps and wobbles have been eliminated to the highest tolerances.

By combining water repellent coating and specially designed, water channelling labyrinth construction, X-Protect provides high-level water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation.


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