Berkley Nitro Bream Pro Jig Heads

The Berkley Nitro Bream Pro jig heads come in a wide range of weights and hook sizes to suit any fishing situation and soft bait size. The Nitro range incorporates the trademark Nitro shape, which allows a natural sink and suspending action. It also allows the lure to dart erratically when hopped. This stand up design also improves hook exposure and reduces snagging. The grub keeper design throughout the range has been refined, with a sharper entry angle to allow the plastic to be fed onto the keeper easily with no splitting or damage. The quad rib grub keeper then holds the soft baits and plastics more firmly than any other jig head on the market.


Only 30 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • 6 per pack
  • Owner Hooks
  • Black Nickel Hook Colour
  • Nitro Shape Head
  • Natural Suspension and Sinking Action
  • Exciting Darting Action when Hopped
  • Reduced Snagging thanks to Stand-Up Hook Design
  • Improved Grip Grub Holder
  • Use with any Softbait or Soft Plastic