COMBO - Shimano Sephia XR 8'6" 2pce + Shimano Sephia XR C3000SHG Egi Spinning Reel

This package is a fantastic set up for lure/soft baiting and egg drifting in  the McKenzie Hydro Canals. The rod is extremely lightweight & sensitive with allows you to feel the subtle takes. It has plenty of grunt in the lower half for turning the larger specimens.


Shimano Sephia XR C3000SHG Egi Spin Reel

The lightness you feel when fishing makes it easy and untiring. The elimination of unnecessary noise in the reel. The Shimano Sephia XR C3000SHG Egi Spinning Reel displays these elements beautifully. A lightweight and high-strength body moulded from Shimano's original material CI4+ reinforced with carbon fibre. The Micromodule Gear II provides you with buttery smoothness without compromising any durability on the gear system. Silent Drive suppresses minute vibrations and rattling to refine the smoothness Shimano reels are renowned for. The long stroke spool helps increase casting distances while the Rigid Support Drag helps with the spurts of jet-like speeds squids swim at. Experience this specialised eging reel for yourself!


Shimano Sephia XR Spin Rod S86ML 8'6" 2pce

Surpassing limits from the past when it comes to lightweightness. With a blank constructed using Spiral X technology, the Shimano Sephia XR Medium Light Egi Rod has carbon shell grips and Aero Titanium X guides to reduce weight and effects of air resistance when casting. This Egi rod is able to cut through air ever so lightly to give a comfortable cast and ear-pleasing whipping sound during casts and jerking motions of the rod. Egingers can now look forward to a shore eging rod which does not hold back the skills of experts with the True Lightweightness concept of the rods. When it comes to bringing out potential and skill in the egi game, nothing can compare to the Sephia Egi Rod.



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