Salmon Pellets - Deadeggs

There is no denying that the spilled pellets from the salmon farms in the Tekapo and Twizel canal network have played a part in growing the huge trophy Rainbow and Brown trout found in the area it also comes as no surprise that escaped salmon will also feed on these pellets. 

Here at Dead Eggs we see this as another opportunity to create something new in the quest to land these monsters of the freshwater.

1:1 size ratio, Texture and colour that is dead on to the real thing and infused with our own in house scent blend. 

Whilst these pellets can be fished as a static bait replacement for those that want to watch the scenery I would suggest they are rolled like an egg or rigged 2 at a time in  Czech Nymph style and fished respectfully around the salmon farms. They also present opportunities for float fishing especially in the Tekapo canal Bowl area.

Hand crafted in New Zealand

Each pack contains no less than 15 scented pellets.


Only 31 left at Fisherman's Loft


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