Canal Pack - The Scrambled Eggs

Hit the Tekapo/Twizel Canals for the best winter fishing the South Island has to offer. 'The Scrambled Eggs' is a scramble pack of 20 durable Cleardrift and Lick 'Em Lures egg imitations mounted on Kamasan B110 grubber style hooks. We highly recommend have a variety of egg imitations because water conditions often dictate size and colour. Small and natural when the flow is slow and clear. Slightly larger and UV properties or even glowing when the water is very silty or dirty. Also good to know is that Salmon eggs are usually a brighter orange or pink and trout eggs tend to be a duller colour.


Only 8 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • Value Pack
  • Awesome range of Colours and Sizes
  • Best Fished with Slip Sinkers or Egg Drift Sinkers


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