Canal Slip Drop-shot Sinkers (pack of 5)

These Slip Sinkers are used for egg-rolling at the Canals. They are available in 8 different sizes and have a slim design to avoid snags. In most parts of the Canals the bottom is very rocky/bouldery and snags are inevitable. That's why these sinkers are designed to slip off easily in case the sinkers would get caught in a snag, without damaging the rest of your rig.

Simply tie an overhand knot in the tail end of your trace, feed the line through the wide part of the swivel and pull-down so the knot sits behind line-gripping part of the swivel to secure the sinker. The sinkers are easily interchangeable when you need to adapt the weight of the sinker. To ensure a natural drift we recommend using the lightest sinker possible, depending on the flow in the hydrocanals.


Only 200 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • Line Grip Swivel
  • Slim Design to reduce snags

Available in:

Mix Pack
1/32 oz
1/16 oz
1/8 oz
3/16 oz
1/4 oz
3/8 oz
1/2 oz
5/8 oz