Shimano Trinidad 12A

Designed to excel at inshore and bluewater applications alike - the Shimano Trinidad 12 A Jigging Reel is unbelievably compact but has all the latest Shimano technologies included. The ultra light weight cold-forged aluminium Magnumlite spool and one-piece side plate and frame feature Electronic Ionisation (EI) surface treatment plus chrome-plated screws for the kind of extreme corrosion protection you need in the saltwater environment. The Trinidad A is rated for mono, fluoro and braided lines. 

Aluminium Cold Forged Spool
These spools provide strength and durability over diecast aluminium or graphite spools. 

E.I. Anti-Corrosion Surface Treatment
After the adonisation process is finished, a second layer of surface treatment is added. This treatment is forced into the remaining surface impurities. This gives salt no hideout and also results in an extremely smooth-to-the-touch finish. A reel with E.I. treatment has more than double the corrosion resistance of a standard anodised reel. 

Super Stopper
Super Stopper uses a one-way bearing that eliminates backplay. This provides the angler with instant hooksetting power. 

By supporting the pinion gear on both ends with the S-ARB bearings and integrating bigger drive gear, Shimano increased the gearing efficiency and power. This results in a fishing reel with ultra-light handle rotation; less effort and power giving a perfect rotation even under heavy loads.


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  • Retrieve Per Crank: 96.5cm
  • Bearings: 8+1
  • Max Drag: 7.7kg
  • Mono Cap: 5.5kg/274m
  • Drag Type: Star
  • Weight: 396g
  • Powerpro Capacity: 18.2lbs/256yds
  • Gear Ratio: 6.3:1
  • Cold-forged aluminium Magnumlite spool
  • Electronic Ionization surface treatment
  • Chrome-plated screws
  • Manual metal clutch lever
  • Corrosion prevention pad
  • Adjustable handle shank
  • Lightweight ergonomic handle knob
  • Durable metal rod clamp



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