Shimano Vanquish C2000SHG-B Spin Reel

The brand new Shimano Vanquish was created to be the lightest reel in its class, with extremely low inertia and high sensitivity to comply with the perfection demands of the modern angler. An incredible reel. By using the unique Magnumlite rotor design, Shimano achieves light rotation of the spool and the high sensitivity is brought about the combination of Silent Drive and Micromodule Gear 2.  The combination between all these features enable a dreamy state where anglers will experience seamless gear engagement and superb rotation lightness, only found in the Vanquish. 



Only 2 left at Fisherman's Loft


Weight: 165g
Gear Ratio: 6.0:1
Max Drag: 4.0kg
Line Retrieve/Crank: 89cm
Ball/Roller Bearings: 11/1
Mono Line Capacity(lb-m): 5-110,6-95,8-70
Braided Line Capacity(PE-m): 0.6-200,0.8-150,1-120


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