COMBO - Shimano Sephia BB Medium Light Spin 8'3 PE0.4-0.8 2pce + Shimano Vanford 2500HG

The new Shimano Vanford 2500 HG Spinning Reel is designed to become the ultimate finesse fishing reel with a super-fast start up. Replacing the iconic Stradic Ci4+, this reel is equipped with a range of technology upgrades that sets the Vanford apart. Still drawing upon a lightweight Ci4+ body construction, the new MGL rotor makes the reel 48% lighter to turn when compared to a standard rotor design.
The Shimano Sephia is built on a high modulus graphite blank, fitted with a Shimano original reel seat and Fuji K Alconite guides. The Sephia BB 8’3” is suited to casting jigs between 2 and 3.5g. This rod is designed in Japan for squid fishing, but is also highly suited for egg-rolling and ultra-light lures at the Canals.


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Shimano Vanford 2500 HG Spinning Reel Specifications:

Retrieve Per Crank: 89 cm
Bearings: 7+1
Max Drag: 9kg
Mono Capacity: 3 kg / 180 m
Drag Type: Felt
Weight: 180 g
PowerPro Capacity: 10 lbs / 160 yds
Gear Ratio: 6.0:1

Shimano Vanford 2500 HG Spinning Reel Features:

Hagane Gear
AR-C Spool
G-Free Body
Long Stroke Spool
Micromodule II
MGL Rotor


Shimano Sephia BB 18SEPHIABBS83ML Features

PE0.4-0.8 (ø 0.122-0.148mm)
Lure Weight 2-3.5g
HIGH MODULUS Graphite Blank
Shimano original Reel Seat/SHIMANO / SPLIT EVA Butt Assembly
Fuji K Alconite Guides



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