Rainbow Plastics A-Just-A-Bubble Float

The A-Just-A-Bubble by Rainbow Plastics is an adjustable float that can be used as a stationary float or a slip float to fish at the desired depth. Rig with the wider end of the float toward the rod tip when suspending baits or rig with the narrower end of the float toward the rod tip when retrieving lures and flies. Simply feed your line through the float, slide it into position and turn the top cap to twist the internal surgical rubber, locking the float onto the line. This allows the float position to be adjusted in seconds, without the use of pegging or stoppers that can be time-consuming and damage the line. Simply open the top cap to add water to cock the float increase casting distance or cast light flies or lures with a spin rod.


Only 20 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • No Line Damage
  • No Tying
  • Use with Wet Flies, Dry Flies, Softbaits, Shrimp or Live Bait
  • Add water for Optimum Performance
  • Use as a Stationary or Slip Float
  • Transparent
  • Can be used with a Glow Stick
  • Colour: Clear, Chartreuse or Red


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