Shimano Beast Master 9000A Electric Reel

The new Shimano Beastmaster 9000A Electric Reel has been upgraded to deliver more speed, winding power and useful features than ever. The ultimate power-assist reel for deep drop and kite fishing, the BeastMaster now boasts 10% more lifting power under load, and 10% faster retrieve – 67 seconds to bring a 15kg load 100 meters at max speed, or 35% faster than competing models.

Advanced GigaMax brushless motor provides unparalleled performance. Planetary gear system generates incredible torque, with a maximum winding strength of 290 lbs. backed by up to 55 lbs. of drag force. And with a full 3.1:1 gear ratio, the BeastMaster pulls in 35" of line per crank, to get that beast headed toward the boat quickly, before the sharks can close in. Its 12/2/0 S-ARB double-shielded ball-bearing system delivers consistently smooth performance. And instead of a mechanical clicker, a running fish will trigger Shimano's audible e-Exciting Drag Sound electronic technology; you'll just have to hear it to believe it! Plus, it comes equipped with an improved rod clamp with wider base for lockdown stability. Deep water species like Swordfish and Tuna will not be able to resist the Beastmaster.


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  • High speed, high power electric reel for saltwater
  • Great for deep drop and kite fishing
  • Compact and easy to handle
  • 10% more power, 10% more speed than previous models
  • Advanced GigaMax brushless motor
  • Planetary gear system for incredible torque
  • Maximum winding strength of 290 lbs
  • 3.1:1 gear ratio; line retrieval of 35" per crank
  • 12/2/0 S-ARB double-shielded ball-bearing system
  • Up to 55 lbs. of drag power
  • Jigging Mode Alarm
  • Audible e-Exciting Drag Sound electronic technology
  • Improved rod clamp with wider base
  • Retrieve: Right
  • Gear Ratio: 3.1:1
  • Ball Bearings: 14
  • Max Drag: 25kg
  • Weight: 52.6oz


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