Shimano Dotera 250GM Slow Jigs

Aimed at making everything more effective and easier

Specifically designed for fishing on the drift, the Shimano Dotera Baku Baku Lure features a unique tear drop shape which has a 15% faster fall rate on the descent and less water resistance, making it easier when retrieving. This means you'll get into the action faster and more accurately when you see the fish sign. It comes with a UV and Glow painted head design, and a double curly tail UV skirt, for maximum fish attraction! This lure are a must have for the coming season! 


Only 10 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • Unique tear drop shape design - 15% faster fall rate on the descent
  • Less water resistance on retrieve
  • UV and Glow painted head design
  • Double curly tail UV skirt
  • Colours: Orange Glow, Red/Gold Glow, Pink Glow and Black Glow
  • Size: 250g