Shimano Salty Advance Eging (Squid) Ultra Light Spin 8'3 PE0.4-1 2pce

The Shimano Salty Advance rods utilise Shimano’s proprietary Taftec technology in their blanks, giving them excellent sensitivity and feel, whilst also being robust. All rods feature Stainless K guides and Stainless SIC tips. This rod was designed for ultra-light squid fishing (Eging) but is also very suited for micro jigs, softbaits and egg-rolling in the Ohau, Twizel or Tekapo Canals.


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  • 2pce
  • PE0.4-1 (ø 0.122-0.165mm)
  • Squid Jig Weight 1.8-3.8g
  • TAFTEC Blank
  • SPLIT EVA Butt Assembly
  • Silicone Carbide Tip