Okuma Kotare 7'9 Canal Spin Rod 2pc 3-10 Gram

The Okuma Kotare Canal Spin Rod is built by avid kiwi freshwater anglers as a high-performance trout hunting weapon. It’s incredibly light and responsive thanks to the 46T graphite blank, revolutionary UMR technology, minimalist carbon foregrip and reel seat and the highest quality SIC guides. The Kotare is capable of casting lightweight softbaits and lures long distances and is armed with unparalleled bite detection, perfect for almost any freshwater fishery in New Zealand. The rod’s super-fast action means you’re always in touch with your lure and can pick up even the subtlest hits on the drop or retrieve. This rod also boasts an incredible amount of backbone for turning fish away from structure and keeping break-offs to a minimum. Designed to be Okuma NZ’s flagship range, the Okuma Kotare Canal Spin Rod is guaranteed to impress. 


Only 2 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • Super high-modulus 46T carbon blank
  • Ultra matrix reinforcement to increase durability
  • ALPS carbon fibre reel seat
  • ALPS SIC guides
  • Super fast action for increased sensitivity when softbaiting


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