Berkley Powerbait Drop Shot Minnow Softbait

The Berkley PowerBait Drop Shot Minnow Softbait has Berkley's legendary Powerbait scent infused into every bait for irresistible fish attraction. Its translucency, married with the flash of the inner mylar foil give the Berkley PowerBait Drop Shot Minnow Soft Bait the appearance of a real live baitfish. 3D eyes and micro sparkles complete this realistic morsel. The Dropshot Minnow is perfect for clear water 'match the hatch' applications.


Only 9 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • 6 Per Pack
  • Realistic Minnow Pattern
  • Holographic insert for fleeing baitfish flash
  • Trigger Point 3D Eye
  • Size: 8cm (3in)


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