Watersnake Inflatable PFD 150N - Adult

The Watersnake PFD Inflatable Life Jacket is one of the most comfortable life jackets in the market. It’s rigorously tested to meet the Australian and New Zealand standards and is made from comfortable and breathable material. Watersnake Level 150 PFDs are designed for general offshore and rough weather use, where a high standard of safety and performance is required. They're designed to maintain a fully-clothed person in a safe position on their back with their head clear of the water without any action required by the user.

This inflatable jacket is designed to be worn for long periods. Its soft neck-liner prevents irritation or chaffing on the back of your neck. With a large waist clip-buckle for quick and easy fitting, durable outer lining and convenient hook and loop fastener access, this jacket has everything you need to stay comfortable and safe on the water.

The Watersnake PFD Inflatable Life Jacket is designed to fold flat for easy storage and has a manual inflation system easily activated by pulling down on the toggle to initiate the release of the 33g CO2 gas cylinder.


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  • PFD Level 150/150N (Formally PFD Type1)
  • Rated for 40-60kg and adults 60kg and over
  • Chest size between 55-140cm
  • Manual inflation
  • Very comfortable fitting and lightweight
  • Large waist clip-buckle and easy to adjust
  • Durable outer lining made from tough Nylon Oxford 420D material
  • Opens up into full PFD
  • Mouth piece for extra oral inflation if necessary
  • 33g CO2 manual ignition gas cylinder installed.
  • Rigorously tested to meet the Australian and New Zealand standards, AS1512

Colours available: Black, Camo, Red, Blue, Dark Green, Lila


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