TT Lures Tournament Series Jig Heads with HWS

The TT Lures Tournament Series with Hidden Weight System (HWS) are our favourite jig heads for a stealthy soft bait presentation. In tough conditions this can mean the difference between a strike and a look. These jig heads excels in situations when finesse and presentation are vital, such as clear and still conditions. The weight is strategically placed along the shank to favour the middle of the soft plastic, in turn letting the lure flutter down randomly, rather than falling head first. The weight also features the multi grip grub keeper that is ideal for locking on plastics and soft baits. Built on razor sharp Gamakatsu hooks, HWS jig heads are ideal for your favourite hard hitting light tackle species and are dynamite on trout in Spring Creeks or the Canals on clear days.


Only 8 left at Fisherman's Loft


  • 5 per pack
  • Gamakatsu Hooks
  • Hidden Weight System